Dalhousie University


Canadian Dementia Knowledge
Translation Network (CDKTN)
What is the CDKTN?

What is this network accomplishing?
Three key theme areas (activities) form the CDKTN network:

Education and Training in Knowledge Translation (Lead: Dr. Howard Feldman, Professor and Head of the Division of Neurology at the University of British Columbia).

Canadian Dementia Resource and Knowledge Exchange (Lead: Dr. Kenneth J. Le Clair, Professor and Chair of the Division of Geriatric Psychiatry at Queen’s University).

Patient/Caregiver Centered Knowledge Translation (Lead: Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, Professor of Medicine, Geriatric Medicine & Neurology at Dalhousie University and Capital Health, and Kathryn Allen Weldon Professor of Alzheimer Research, Dalhousie University.)

These theme areas are operating in an integrative way to develop:

  • Curricula and training programs in KT&E
  • Training opportunities for researchers that will cross themes, disciplines, and levels of expertise.
  • Recent Awards Programs for researchers:
    • Research and Training Awards Program in KT and Dementia (partnership with Alzheimer Society of Canada)
    • Education and Training KT Award Program issued to founding members of CDKTN
  • A national knowledge exchange network.
  • KT&E conferences and workshops.
  • Research partnerships between industry, academic researchers, clinicians, caregivers, and persons with dementia.
  • Pilot research projects related to dementia-related KT&E.
  • Research priorities based on the needs of caregivers and persons with dementia.
  • New patient-centered models and approaches for KT&E.
  • A database of the experience of dementia from the perspective of those with dementia.



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