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Canadian Dementia Knowledge
Translation Network (CDKTN)

What is the CDKTN?
The CDKTN is a network for translation and exchange of research in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

It consists of a collaborating group of academic institutions, academic leaders in dementia-related biomedical, clinical, psychosocial, health services, and population health research, Alzheimer Societies, care providers (formal and informal) and persons with dementia.

CDKTN is established because of the contributions of members of the Cognitive Impairment in Aging Partnership led by the CIHR Institute of Aging, including the Alzheimer Society of Canada; CIHR Knowledge Translation Branch; CIHR Institute of Gender and Health; CIHR Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addictions; CIHR Ethics Office; Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care; and is supported by AstraZeneca Canada Inc. and Pfizer Inc.

What is knowledge translation and exchange (KT&E)?
In a nutshell, knowledge translation is the adaptation of research findings into effective treatments, services, and products; knowledge exchange is collaborative information sharing and problem-solving between researchers, caregivers, and policy makers – it is the process of connecting and linking people, ideas, and resources.
Why do Knowledge Translation?
As with many other areas, we know more about what should be done than we actually do. There is a gap between what research shows us is effective, and our current care practices. For example, too few patients with Alzheimer’s disease receive a trial of drugs for dementia treatment, whereas too many people with Alzheimer’s disease are prescribed anti-psychotic medications. Palliative care for dementia is very much under-developed.  Many facilities are badly designed; the web is under-exploited as a care tool. These are some examples of where, by bringing people into contact with lessons from high quality research, we aim to improve the lives of people with dementia. 

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