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Geriatric Integrated Patient Information System (GIPIS)


Geriatric Day Hospitals are a valuable component of  health care for the growing number of frail and disabled older people in our community. Helping people to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and improving their functional independence remains the primary goal of the Geriatric Day Hospital.

Patients at the Day Hospital are usually 65 years or older and suffer from various medical disorders, falls, cognitive impairment and depression.

Evidence regarding the ultimate usefulness of the day hospital system in prolonging and improving the quality of life has been largely inconclusive.

  It is difficult to measure the aging body at a point when it is in a natural state of decline. Since a person's health declines at a faster rate with increased age and a decrease in physical condition, it becomes analogous to measuring a moving target.

Current Info

In an effort to reach a more complete understanding of this issue and create a better measurement of patient outcomes at day hospitals, we built a customized information system called the Geriatric Integrated Patient Information System (GIPIS) to manage the unique data captured.

The GIPIS is an invaluable source of clinically relevant data that can improve patient outcomes and generate knowledge that can be used in streamlining pathways for future patients attending day hospitals.

Specifically we have created a means to intensely mine the data for patterns and predictors to improve areas such as:

  • individual patient goals and trends
  • community trends (medications, impairments, patient demographics)
  • removal of redundant gathering of information during the assessment screening process which leads to increased patient-clinician quality time

The GIPIS acts as medium for knowledge exchange and translation between Day Hospital team members, community groups, family physicians, and researchers. Ultimately this, facilitates better communication, understanding, and patient goal setting through its specialized reports.

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