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Think Tank 2010 - Creating Knowledge Translation
for Dementia Care Education in Nova Scotia

As a result of ideas generated at a previous Think Tank, the Geriatric Medicine Research Unit (GMRU)  brought together a diverse group of over forty key people in dementia care education In Nova Scotia.
Over two days in June 2010, ideas and input were shared on how to create a system for knowledge translation (KT ) among research, policy, education and practice in Nova Scotia.

Led by a team of professional facilitators from Kula Partners and The Hub Halifax, participants from across the spectrum of dementia care education spent  two days working to understand what the elements are for creating a workable KT system: What are the critical components? What commitment is required? What are the benefits to an organized system of knowledge sharing?

The Final Report of this event is provided here, with information on what our next steps will be.

The GMRU would like to thank the Canadian Dementia Knowledge Translation Network for funding this event in whole, as a part of their third research theme: patient and carer centered knowledge translation.


Click the picture to view the report.
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